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You must know these unique and most popular plants

 Life on Earth would not exist without plants. Life depends on photosynthesis, which is mostly carried out by green plants.
Plants evolved on Earth 700 million years ago. It was well before the first animals appeared (about 550 million years ago).
These unique and most popular plants on this list are living pieces of history. These most famous trees have unique life cycles and gorgeous flowers that are prized by collectors around the globe. They have strange adaptations to attract pollinators or prey. Check out these amazing plants and find out which is the rarest of them all.

Let's Get Familiar With 7 Most Popular and Unique Plants

There are a lot of different most popular and unique plants all around the world. From a flower that smells like rotting flesh to a three-meter-tall plant.  That bleeds like human being, once in a while nature is extra scary than fiction. A listing of these most  popular unique plants within the global seems underneath. 

  1. Baseball Plant
  2. Corpse Flower
  3. The Biggest Flower
  4. Quiver Tree
  5. Red Lips Plant
  6. Maltese Fungus
  7. Strangler Fig


Geranium/Pelargonium Plants

There are many species of Geranium plants, but Scented Geranium are popular among everyone.

1. Baseball Plant

Baseball plant: most popular and unique plants

Botanical Name: Euphorbia obesa
Most popular Baseball  plants are native to South Africa
This ball-formed succulent plant is likewise referred to as a sea urchin plant (given the form of its frame). It used to be most effective observed within the wonderful Karoo place of South Africa. Alas, it has to turn out to be related to unsustainable harvesting practices as more humans around the globe have decided to grow baseball vegetation around them. That being stated, it is now taken into consideration endangered in its herbal habitat. Yet it’s typically cultivated around the globe.

2. Corpse Flower

Titan Arum: Most popular plants

Scientific name: Amorphophallus titanum
Where it’s found: Sumatra, Indonesia
Just like the baseball plant, the corpse flowers are likewise listed as the most popular plants.
As its name shows, this plant is stinky. it produces a putrid stench of rotting flesh at some point of its nightly height bloom. This lets it draw pollinators like flies and carrion beetles from miles away. It can develop a stunning 8 toes tall and might weigh up to a hundred and seventy pounds.

3. The Biggest Flower

Rafflesia: Most popular plants having biggest flower

Scientific Name: Rafflesiaceae
Rafflesia is a family of parasitic blooming plants. The largest bloom on Earth is Rafflesia arnoldii of Sumatra, found in the Sumatran Montane Rainforests ecoregion. Rafflesia is endemic to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These most popular unique plants don’t have any stem, leaves, or roots. This biggest flower looks and smells like decaying flesh. This smell attracts insects that pollinate the plant. Rafflesia buds are used by Peninsular Malaysian women to stop internal draining and shrivel the belly after childbirth, as well as in regard to treating fevers. Rafflesia mostly blooms in the rainy season.

4. Quiver Tree

Quiver Tree: Most Popular and Unique Plants

Scientific Name: Aloidendron dichotomum.  The quiver trees are extremely enormous most popular and unique plant species. Generally, they can only be found just in southern Africa. These most popular plants are found in extremely dry surroundings in Namibia and South Africa. It gives food and sanctuary to numerous bugs, warm-blooded creatures, and birds. The height of these trees can range from 3 to 8 meters. They blossom throughout the summer season, in June and July. This is the best time to go there. The flowers are yellow in color. Medicinally, the roots of the quiver plant can be used to treat lungs Infections.

5. Red Lips Plant (Hooker's Lips Plant)

Hooker's Lips: Most Popular Plants

Scientific Name: Psychotria elata
It is native to rainforests in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Central and South American countries. Hot lips plant grows as a shrub or small tree. It has deeply veined leaves that are matte green. Flower of these most popular plants is actually a couple of modified leaves. These become small bluish-dark berries. The attractive part of these most popular plants is the pair of red bracts. These red bracts resemble “luscious lips,”. Local residents use the bark and leaf to treat coughs, earaches, and skin rashes. Kuna Indians traditionally used the plant to treat dyspnea

6. Maltese Fungus

Maltese Fungus: Most Popular Plants

Scientific Name: Cynomorium coccineum
Common Names:  Maltese mushroom, desert thumb, red thumb, tarthuth (Bedouin), and suo yang (Chinese name)
Maltese fungi are unique and the most popular but not fully understood parasitic flowering plants. Maltese Fungus occurs in salt marshes and on sea cliffs. Where it parasitizes shrubs in the Amaranthaceae group of plants. Which have adjusted to fill in the harsh, salt-loaded habitats of the coast. The most popular plants Maltese fungi are extremely distinctive and have a blackish-red inflorescence It is most generally used to treat exhaustion, heal the liver, and strengthen kidneys in Northwest China.

7. Strangler Fig

Strangler Fig: Most Popular Plants

Scientific Name: Ficus aurea
The most unique and popular plants found in the forests of South America are the strangler fig. The bark is dim and smooth, and the “roots” seem to dissolve into each other and stream around rocks. The reason for the strange trunk is that strangler figs start their lives on the branches of different trees. These most popular strangler fig plants can grow upward and downward too on the host tree. When they grow upward they block sunlight to the host. When they grow downward they absorb all nutrients of the host


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