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Different amazing and best types of ferns houseplants

How many types of ferns houseplants are there?

Approximately 12,000 different types of ferns houseplants are known to exist on the planet. Some of them can live for over a century. It is possible that this reach may change in some cases as new species are added to the list, and others are not examined. Fern plants are very beneficial and are not hard to care for, so countless people love them. Depending on the circumstances fern plants live in, plants are categorized into indoor fern plants and outdoor fern plants.

Types of most common indoor ferns houseplants

Indoor plants require more than adequate water and moisture for their survival. These kinds of ferns houseplants are great for beautifying your kitchen, bathroom and living room. They need to be watered regularly and indirect sunlight. Here are the most astounding kinds of indoor ferns for a traditional interior. Check the list below.

  1. Boston ferns
  2. Maidenhair ferns
  3. Staghorn ferns
  4. The bird’s nest ferns
  5. Kangaroo ferns
  6. The button ferns
  7. Holly ferns
coleus houseplant

1. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

strings of boston types of ferns houseplants hanged in a room

This is the most well-known of the houseplant species, despite the fact that they also thrive wild outside in numerous areas. These types of ferns houseplants highlight triangle-shaped leaves in a dark green shade. . Boston fern plants can thrive with constant, but light moisture. They can grow extremely large. The boston plant highlights triangle-shaped leaves in a dark green shade. The angular fronds of Boston fern make it a stunning addition to hanging baskets. They’re incredible growers, so grow Boston fern every year in the springtime. Read More
Sunlight: Indirect light
Soil: Loamy, well-depleting fertilized soil

2. The Maidenhair(Adiantum) a delicate types of ferns houseplants

maidenhair types ferns houseplants in small pot.

Maidenhair fern is one of the most delicate plants you can find indoors. It has slim dark stems and tiny leaves. These types of ferns houseplants are difficult to grow and easy to maintain because they thrive best in high-humidity climates, but their leaves cannot withstand excessive moisture. The maidenhair ferns do well along the sides of huge restrooms due to their moistness, but cannot survive in direct sunlight. This fern has palm-like fronds and wiry stems with soft leaflets that give a beautiful appearance.                                  

Sunlight: Indirect light.
Soil: Well-depleting fertilized soil

3. Staghorn (Platycerium) stunning types of ferns houseplants

stoghorn types of ferns houseplants on the wall

This species of ferns houseplants regularly develops on the bark of trees in Asia, Africa and Australia. Staghorn fern is a decent houseplant whenever planted in coarse soil with great moisture. It captures moisture and nutrients from the air, so you can mount it on a plaque or piece of wood, or plant it in a pot of sphagnum moss. The plant has two arrangements of fronds. Green fronds are rich, look like stag horns, have spores on their underside and grow up to four feet in length. Brown infertile fronds develop outside green ones and are short, flat and round.                                              

Sunlight: Bright, indirect light
Soil : Epiphytic

4.The bird's nest fern ( Asplenium nidus)

Bird’s nest fern also known as crispy wave fern. The Center of this plant looks like the nest of a bird it has fronds that are long, smooth, and spear-shaped. Bright, direct sun exposure is best for this plant. If, the more light you give it, the more its leaves will crease and twist. So, for straighter, smoother leaves keep it in less light.
Make sure not to water the center of the plant’s rosette, as this can cause it to decay from back to front. It is probably the best species of Ferns houseplants you can grow!
Sunlight: Bright, circuitous light
Soil: Well-depleting fertilized soil

5. Kangaroo fern ( Microsorum pustulatum)

kangaroo paw types of ferns houseplants in a blackish pot is placed on the floor

It is native to Australia, also called kangaroo paw ferns. The fronds of these kinds of ferns houseplants are enormous and spread similar to the feet of its namesake kangaroo. Kangaroo ferns develop from fluffy rhizomes, which makes them simple to separate into different plants or spread straightforwardly from rhizomes. Give them well-depleting soil and a lot of warmth and moistness, and trim away dead fronds at the soil line when you spot them.
Sunlight: Indirect light.                                               Soil: Well-depleting fertilized soil. 

6. The button fern (Pellaea rotundifolia) another beautiful types of ferns houseplants

button fern

 Fern’s reduced size, delicate leaves, and fronds studded with small, round buds make it perfect for more compact spaces. Similar to other types of different ferns houseplants on this list, the button fern is an extraordinary restroom plant. It likes moist environments. Place it close to a window out of direct sunlight (east-facing or north-facing works best). The steam from your shower will keep it healthy. This fern plant has wiry stems covered in dark green, curved leaves that seem like a series of buttons.
Sunlight: Bright but indirect light.                              Soil: Well-depleting fertilized soil. 

7. Holly Ferns

types of ferns houseplants

Holly ferns can be developed inside the home, but they really perform well in dark areas of the homes and gardens. These types of ferns houseplants are frequently utilized outside in finishing and gardens. The Holly ferns plants don’t require much sunlight. This type of indoor fern can grow around two feet tall and will spread around three feet wide.
Holly ferns can’t tolerate too much cold season, but they can easily grow in mild winter conditions.
Sunlight: low
Soil: Average but fertilized

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