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Different Types of Money Plants that Bring Good luck and Charm to your home.

Before exploring various species of wealth trees. Let’s have some knowledge about money plants. 

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Aureum

Common Names: Silver Vine, Devil’s Vine, Pothos, Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Feng Shui, Taro Vine.

It is believed that it brings blessings, luck, and money to households. Different types of money plants can be grown in either water or soil. It is also possible to grow it in jellies. Pothos thrives in temperate climates. The different Money plants have qualities of pollution control. So, people also use it to monitor the quality of their home’s air.

types of money plants

Different popular types of money plants

The most popular indoor plants are money plants. They’re also great air purifiers. Money plants can creep on trees and buildings if they are planted outdoors. They are a useful plant that can survive in both semi-shade and indoor conditions. You can grow different types of money plants in small pots, self-watering pots, and hanging baskets. Larger pots can also be used with moss poles to support them. You can grow them in soil, water, or jelly. . Here are various types of money plants.

  1. Golden Pothos
  2. Split leaf Money Plant
  3. Marble Queen Money Plant
  4. Swiss Cheese Money Plant
  5. Money Tree
  6. Jade Plant
  7. Chinese Money Plant


These plants have tiny leaves with moss like appearance. They are most commonly used as hanging plants.     Read more

1. Golden Pothos, or Money Plant

Golden pothos: Different types of money plants

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Aureum
Among different types of money plants, Golden pothos is the most popular. Golden pothos is also known as devil’s ivy. These plants are great for hanging pots and large pots with moss sticks. They can also be used to draw boundaries in your garden or balcony.
These are grown to bring good fortune and wealth. It can be cultivated indoors or outdoors and is very adaptable to its environment. They don’t like direct sunlight so avoid using it.

2. Split-leaf Money Plant: Different types of Money Plants

split leaf money plant: various species of money plants

Botanical Name: Monstera deliciosa            This is another type of money plant among different types of money plants. It has large spilt-leaf and lobate in shape leaves.
These houseplants are drought-tolerant and can grow quickly in low light conditions. They are large and have a lobate-shaped shape. The cuts make it much more attractive. It may begin to grow and the roots might start to show. If this happens, you will need to repot the plant in a larger container.

3. Marble Queen Money Plant

marble queen money plant: various types of money plants
Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum’ Marble Queen.’ I put this on 4th number in the list of different types of money plants. Marble Queen money plants are best for filling the house with greenery and bringing prosperity. These plants also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones. This one money plant’s leaves are glossy, heart-shaped and creamy-white in color. These plants can be found in nurseries close to you which can brighten any indoor space. Marble Queens require bright sunlight to maintain their stunning colors. Keep your plants out of direct sunlight for at least 4-6 hours per day.

4. Swiss Cheese Money Plant: different types of money plants

swiss cheese money plant

Botanical Name: Monstera Obliqua
The Swiss cheese-money plant is another famous houseplant that has large leaves. Its name is derived from its beautiful, glossy, large and variegated leaves. These leaves add a unique touch to the home. They have a perforated design that resembles cheese. This climber can be grown indoors or outdoors. These plants thrive in indirect sunlight, but they do well in bright light. Feng Shui experts say this plant is the one that brings prosperity and wealth. Among different types of money plants, this one also attracts positive energy.

5. Money Tree: various species of money plants

money tree: different types of money plants

Botanical Name: Pachira Aquatica
Money Trees, also known as Malabar Chestnut, are another different types of money-giving plants. This plant is believed to bring good luck and is easy to care for. It also removes harmful chemicals from the air and grows faster. This plant is native to Central and South America. The plant’s bright green leaves are believed to be very lucky. This plant is highly recommended. This is one of the Feng Shui wealth plants that you will need in your home.

6. Jade Plant: Different species of Money Plants

jade plant

Botanical Name: Crassula Ovata
Among different types of money plants, Jade plants attract money and purify indoor air. These different types beautiful money plants have round coin-shaped green leaves. Feng Shui says this plant will bring wealth, happiness, prosperity, and good fortune to your home. It is also known for its endurance, as it can live for up to 100 years. It should be watered when the topsoil has dried. Do not overwater as it can cause root rot. Jade plant will thrive if you water it often during its growing season.

7. Chinese Money Plant: Different types of Money Plants

chinese money plant

Botanical Name: Pilea Peperomioides
Chinese Money Plant is commonly found among all different types of money plants. This plant is also known by the following names: UFO plant (mirror plant), bender plant, pancake and missionary plants. These  different types of money plants are believed to attract good luck and money. This plant is beautiful and brings prosperity and wealth. It is easy to care for this plant. It should be placed in direct sunlight. The plant can withstand low temperatures. This plant can withstand low temperatures.

Conclusion on different types of money plants

These are different seven types of money plants, which will bring wealth to your home. We hope you find this information about feng shui plants will be helpful. Every human has a desire to bring wealth and good fortune to their home. Therefore, different types of money plants are added to homes, offices, and other indoor spaces. You can buy these different types of money plants from nurseries or online.


There are no differences between a pothos and a money plant. Let’s now look at why golden pothos is one of the most popular varieties of money plants. Golden pothos can be difficult to kill. Golden pothos can be planted anywhere and will grow naturally without any care. It can propagate so quickly from the nodes, that even after you clear a turf of pothos it will give birth again to pothos.

 Pothos, also known as Epipremnum Aureum is one of the most prolific money-growing plants you should have at your home. This plant’s appearance is stunning and beautiful. Pothos is the pothos plant, which brings wealth and luck to your home.

Keep money plants in the South East direction. Lord Ganesha, the God who abides at this point and is associated with prosperity and well-being (Mangal), This direction is the best for blessings. Money plant grows rapidly.

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