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Take a look at these 7 most popular houseplants

most popular houseplants

If you are not aware of the varieties of plants. You can browse a large number of choices. However, there are to browse large plants, little plants, hanging plants, succulents and more. So to make your determination somewhat more straightforward. We endured a few hours exploring the most famous houseplants. Our team talked with a few plant specialists. We utilized our discoveries to assemble a rundown of popular houseplants for various conditions.

Check the list of most popular houseplants

Study shows that houseplants enhance the aesthetics of our homes by softening spaces and highlighting focal points, but they also offer emotional, physical and mental health benefits. The most famous indoor plants have qualities of air purification and boosting productivity to reduce stress. These are listed below.

  1. Snake Plant
  2. Bromeliad
  3. Lucky Bamboo
  4. Chinese Money Plant
  5. Spider Plant
  6. Boston Fern
  7. Aloe Vera
houseplant with big leaves

Transform your indoor into an outdoor garden with these large and beautiful houseplants. 

1. Snake Plant

most famous snake houseplant

I am challenging you when you see sprouting up this tiny most popular snake houseplant. You will get goosebumps.
The snake plant is a prominent houseplant and it is renowned for its low light and easy-to-maintain property. The most popular snake houseplants are a great choice for those who have little light in their homes.
If you’re looking for some lush greenery for your bathroom which only gets just a tiny amount of light, this one is perfect for you.
Color variations: “Bantel’s Sensation” has cream leaves Black Gold has thin gold edge “Gold Hahnii” has broad gold bands

2. Bromeliad

famous bromeliad houseplant

In their natural habitats, they are part of the Bromeliaceae family and are found as epiphytes that are encased in trees. This implies two aspects to take care of. These most popular houseplants require filtered light and aeration that is good around their roots. Orchid potting medium is great. Use distilled water to fill their leaves stiff to imitate nature’s style. These prominent houseplants require a medium amount of water and indirect sunlight.
Colors variations: Orange, yellow, white, red, pink and purple shades are available

3. Lucky Bamboo a well loved gift and most popular houseplants

most popular lucky bamboo houseplants

Lucky bamboos are well-loved gifts and prominent houseplants. It can be an extensive highlight addition to your office or home decor. These are the most popular houseplants due to the fact that bamboo-like stems can be twisted into fun shapes, such as swirls or hearts and weaves. It is a living piece of art.
Lucky bamboo doesn’t require lots of sunlight and is happy in a vase full of water. It can be grown in dim or artificial light.
Color Varieties: GreenBromeliad

4. Chinese Money Plant

popular chinese money houseplant

You can see Chinese money plants almost in every home. This plant is considered as a symbol of good luck.
The most popular houseplants Pilea peperomiodes , thrive in both traditional and contemporary environments. When you put these prominent houseplants in normal or average soil and under indirect light round leaves are formed with overflow. Mature Chinese money plants have a somewhat falling propensity that looks incredible in hanging bins. These plants require indirect sunlight and regular watering.
Color Varieties: Green

5. Spider plant another most popular houseplants

most popular spider houseplants
The most popular Chrorophytum comosum houseplants have been growing for a long time. Spider plant gets its name because of its spider-like leaves. These are relevant to every type of environment. Spider plants require low maintenance and also purify the air. The angling leaves make these plants extraordinary for platforms or hanging arrangements. These plants require indirect sunlight and average to dry watering conditions. Blossoms of this plant are white in color and small in size Color Varieties: ‘Bonnie Variegated’ has white striping

6. Boston fern

most famous boston fern houseplants

Boston ferns are a type of fern which is supposed to be an easy-to-maintain fern. Ferns fill wild in high-mugginess regions like rainforests and bogs, and they actually should get satisfactory dampness inside the home, particularly during the colder time of year. The soil ought to stay soggy and never be permitted to completely dry out between waterings. Boston ferns the most popular houseplants perform best in indirect light, yet direct light will burn their leaves. Boston fern will compensate indoor landscapers with a thick mass of fronds, which is the legitimate name for their long compound leaves.

7. Aloe Vera

most popular Alovera houseplants

The gel from cut Aloe barbadensis leaves is broadly utilized in medical aid cures and beauty care products, adding the capacity to shape as a houseplant. Like most succulents, it favors dry sandy soil and bright light. Solid plants will create puppy counterbalances to supplant any leaves you could collect. Alovera requires high sunlight and doesn’t need much water. These are the most popular houseplants among women because of their beauty care, hair care and antibacterial properties
Color Varieties: ‘Christmas Carol’ has red leaf edges. ”Walmsley’s Variegated” has cream streaks.


Spider plants are among the top most popular and trending houseplants. They are popular because of their spider like leaves and air-purifying characteristics.

In post COVID conditions lucky bamboos are most popular houseplants in UK because of their low maintenance. 

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