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houseplants From Seed

Grow your own house plants from seeds

Do you have the desire to develop a few indoor plants from seed? if yes, you require a simple and stress-free experience. if you don’t have any experience, it might happen that you can make a mistake while cultivating and propagating. sometimes you don’t have enough time to devote your houseplants. there are two methods of propagating new houseplants.
1. through cuttings.
2. Through seeds.
Developing both skills is essential. Plants can be grown from cuttings if you already have the plant, but they can also be grown from seeds. growing plants from seeds is like giving an award to yourself.

Which house plants can be grown from seeds?

There are a lot of plants that can be grown by propagating seeds. Choosing the right seed is the first step but everyone face problem in choosing the right seeds for indoor conditions. It is a quite hard process for beginners as well as a very easy process for an experienced Gardner. I am providing a list of house plant’s seeds that are suitable to grow in indoor conditions. Check the list below.

  • Cat grass
  • Gloxinia
  • Peace lily
  • Cactus
  • African Violets
  • English Ivy
  • Living Stone 
  • Lavender
  • Coleus
cat grass houseplant

1. Cat Grass (Dactylis glomerata)

a white cat is sitting with the cat grass in a beautifully painted violet room.

I put Cat grass on the first position in the list of indoor plants which can develop from seeds. Cat grass also known by names like orchard grass or cock’s foot. It is native to northern Africa and portions of Asia and Europe. your cats can eat this grass without any bad effect that’s why it get its name.
Cat grass can really change the behavior of a cat, which really influences a lot of cat that eat it.
If you have a cat at home, you can grow cat grass very easily, and it will make your pet happy.

Time taken to grow: 1-14 days.

2. Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa)

violet gloxinia flower are looking very beautiful.

The present gloxinias are one of the indoor plant which can grow from seeds. It is a hybrid breed to rapidly create countless blooms. These gloxinias produce an amazing showcase for around two months, however when the blossoms fade, the plant seldom returns since it focuses intensely on blossoms rather than tough roots. In this way, these plants are best developed as annuals. These blooming houseplants are connected with African violets and fill well in aberrant daylight. You can undoubtedly breed half breeds from seeds.

Time taken to grow: 1-3 weeks

3. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

peace lily is put on the small table in a beautiful room

Peace lily provides lovely white bracts over contrasting deep glossy green foliage. Enhance the beauty of the plant by developing it in attractive pots.                                                                                  We consider the Spathiphyllum or Peace lily to be one of the best chosen indoor plant which can develop from seeds for our own garden. Especially because of its captivating white flowers. Having a Peace lily that you have grown yourself gives you a pretty remarkable sense of accomplishment.

Time taken to grow: 1 week

4. Cactus (Cactaceae)

cactus of different types and shapes

Its name comes from Greek words that relate to its stone-like appearance. . The living stone thrives in regions of the world like southern Africa, however you can propagate it at home too. The charm of this houseplant  from seeds is the wide collection of color tones, textures, and shapes it offers. Growing cactus from seeds is a good strategy, however it takes time. You can develop unique assortments and use them to brighten your home or give your relatives cactus plant as a gift.

Time taken to grow: 2-8 weeks

5. African Violets(Saintpaulia)

blue and pink color african violets(Saintpaulia)

If you enjoy blossoms, we’ll point you toward African violets and Saintpaulias. There are six to twenty species within the Gesneriaceae family, so you can have a lot of fun growing all the different varieties of African violets at home or in your office. Although they are originally from Tanzania, you will notice that the African violet is very adaptable. You can grow it both outside and inside.                          The wonderful African violet flowers arrive in a variety of blooms and types. Each African violet flower helps us to give stunning look to every corner of home.

Time taken to grow: 2-6 Weeks  

6. English Ivy

English Ivy (Hedera helix) plant in a pot put on the table

This plant requires little maintenance and is very adaptable in nature. You can grow it as a houseplant, train it to make trees, or keep it in a little structure as a spilling indoor plant. This beautiful indoor plant can grow from seeds in well drained soil. This evergreen plant needs partial to full shaded regions to grow better. The plant can grow up to 100 feet either up as a climbing plant or outward as a groundcover. On account of the last option, the plant can arrive at height of around 6-8 inches.

Time taken to grow: 3-5   week   

7. Living Stone (Lithops)
lithops (living stone) is really looking like stones

Its name comes from Greek words that relate to its stone-like appearance. Living stone also known as pebble plant. The living stone found in regions of the world like southern Africa, however you can ealso grow it at home. This plant’s uniqueness comes from its diversity of colors, surfaces, and shapes.                                                                    These little, brilliant plants create the illusion of real stones or rocks.These plants require a lot of sunlight and a well-depleted soil.

  Time taken to grow: 2-10 weeks

8. Lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia )
lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender is a semi-evergreen plant which is native to the Mediterranean, Middle East, and northern Africa. Popularly well known, this tough perennial is currently developed in all over the world. In the bloom nursery or spice garden, Lavender is appealing with it’s grayish foliage. when lavender blooms its fragrance makes a pleasant surroundings. You can develop lavender inside the home and office if you can give the plant 5-6 hours of daylight. The unique fragrance of this plant gives a fascinating touch to your home.

Time taken to grow: 1-2 weeks

9. Coleus ( Coleus scutellarioides )
Coleus (Coleus scutellarioides) pink and green

Coleus is one of the simplest houseplants to develop and propagate from seeds. This plant can be propagated by the plant’s root with such ease that you could in fact begin cuttings in a glass of water. Coleus houseplants can also grow from seed within around eight to ten weeks. Coleus can be added to beds and boundaries. They need prolific, well-depleting soil and typically grow best in the partial shady regions, however numerous can tolerate sun. 

Time taken to grow: 2-4 Weeks


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