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PLANTOZEAL is a a blog that will help and inspire you to grow plants. It will provide you best gardening tips for every types of plants  your plants. such as Indoor/House Plants, Outdoor Plants, Flowers, Herbs and many more. Here you will get every possible information related to plants 

Why do people love Different types of plants

In the plant realm, there are different types of plants such as microalgae which grow on a very tiny scale alongside incredibly enormous, radiant trees, like the giant redwood trees. Around the world, there are roughly 3,20,000 different types of plants. The green environment contributes a huge amount of atomic oxygen to the world. Plant species have been tamed for centuries to produce grain, natural products, and vegetables. A variety of plants are used as adornments, building materials, writing materials, and as medicines and psychoactive substances. Let’s explore some fascinating plant species here.

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